Even though we had one more delay in our uploads, we’re back with new series called “Comfortable relationship advice”.

Starting from now on, Gyu is going to manage those series as self proclaimed dating coach.

Actually, Gyu have learned a lot about the differences of men and women as well as about relationships in the past and now he is ready to share his knowledge with everyone else.

The format of our first episode of those new series is made in a little silly manner, depicting a young and unexperienced university student who does not know how to date and a prisoner, who have had so many relationships and dating experiences, it led him to go to jail.
Therefore, the advice and content is serious and real. We hope you can watch this video comfortably and relate to it in one way or another. Even though you might not be in a same situation as the character in this video, we hope you could apply masters words to your unique situation and it could be not just a video to procrastinate on Youtube, but useful help in your life.

From now on, we’re going to upload both – our regular videos (which were not so regular these days but we’re trying!) ant the Relationship advice series. If it goes well we hope to make up to 100 episodes on love and relationships!
So please, be free to comment video suggestions connected to this topic! If you have any questions regarding relationships and dating in general, do not hesitate to ask! Master will be glad to help you at any given time!

Stay tuned for more videos in the future!^^