A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! This is when you pinch someone and then punch them while saying “a pinch and a punch for the first of the month!” It of course must be on the first of the month. I regret teaching Hugh the second part of that where he can flick and kick me. Is he really respecting my culture of is he just enjoying getting revenge? In this video, we revisit this comic and talk more about it. Our comics are always incidents that happened in our real life.
If you’ve experienced playing games with Koreans you may have realized they play hard and LOVE punishments, especially flicking ones! Hugh can be really brutal! I always try to avoid those types of games with punishments.
Hugh wasn’t sure if Korea had some sort of tradition for the first of a month, but do you have one in your culture? I know there are variations of the “pinch and a punch” one, which I think originally comes from British culture because many Americans don’t seem to know it. I remember at school, in the Australian countryside, when it was the first of the month you had to really watch out for people doing it. But these days I won’t be doing it to Hugh because he will get revenge!
Let us know what other comics you would like us to revisit. This is a newer series we have started as our YouTube audience isn’t always aware of the comics that are on the blog, especially older comics. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!