Hello guys! This is Gyu and Agata again.
Welcome back if you are already familiar with our faces and hello if you see us for the first time!

We are Korean-Lithuanian couple living in Seoul, South Korea and documenting snippets of our life on Youtube. Even though we’re new to Youtube and are not really special in anyway, we like both – taking pictures and videos, which made us start thid Youtube channel! After all, having similar passions help you connect with each other!

We are usually making amateur vlogs of we go on a date or to do something interesting, but this time we decided to do something different and to talk about ourselves more. We think, this way we can connect with our audience more. What we mean is, even if you watch someone on Youtube, you do not know any details about who that person is, what does he or she like, hate or what kind of habits have.

So in this video, we decided to disclose some random facts about us both, so you can either connect with us though similarities, or get surprised about how weird some people might be!

This video was just spontaneusly taken at home, when we had some free moments though our lately so-tight schedule.

Hope you enjoyed this video! If you have some similarities to us, please let us know in the comment section below 🙂 Also, tell us about your weirdest like, dislike, habit or memory!

Thank you for watching and see you next time!