Ramadan in Korea.

Ramadan is now finished but Hugh participated for one day. Our friend Miso, who is a Moroccan YouTuber asked Hugh to try to one day and he agreed. Hugh was curious about what the experience would be like. He decided to have a normal day so it wouldn’t be too easy. Fasting for Ramadan is hard in Korea! Only a small percentage of people are doing it as there is not a big Muslim population in Korea. So everyone else is drinking and eating like normal, while Muslims are fasting during the day.

Hugh had a difficult time! It was a hot day and he felt so tired. He went to Itaewon to meet Miso so they could eat once they were allowed to. The owner of the restaurant was so happy to see a Korean doing Ramadan fasting that he gave them lots of extra stuff. (This is called “service in Korea”).
Some of our Muslim friends said that they hope we can experience Ramadan fasting in a Muslim country where everyone is fasting, because it’s a very different experience.
Hugh felt that he understood more after doing Ramadan fasting and although we are not Muslim ourselves, it’s good to understand our friends who have a different faith and what is important to them. Miso explained how the fasting helps you appreciate what you have and to consider people who have less and are in the difficult position of not being able to eat.
As the Muslim population grows in Korea I hope more Koreans can learn more about Islam from Muslims themselves.