My parents were never given a guide book on how to raise mixed-race kids. But reflecting on how me and my sister were raised, I’m confident that my parents could have written a guide book on how to successfully raise mixed kids.

In this special video, I give advice to parents of mixed kids based off of how my parents raised me. My black father and Korean mother met in the United States in the year 1980, the same year my mom immigrated from Korea to the US. They dated for 4 years during a time where interracial relationships were not nearly as common or accepted as today. Despite the external challenges my parents faced, they allowed love to lead them to marriage and to start a family. Soon after, my sister and I were born.

I hear many times about the challenges parents of mixed children and challenges the mixed child could potentially face. Here’s how I look at it. Whether you are mixed, not mixed, man, woman, or simply a human being, you will face challenges and problems. That’s life. I don’t deny challenges that mixed kids can potentially face from the outside world, but what I don’t accept is the fact that there’s no overcoming those challenges.

My mom and dad are a great example of parents who taught their kids to find strength and confidence inside rather than letting hate infiltrate us from the outside. Having seen my parents successfully raise me and my sister, I can confidently offer some insight as to what they did to do so in this video. Please watch and share if you feel compelled to help those you know successfully raise mixed children.