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Even though we have just started our channel recently and there are sill not much content in there, we hope that you would enjoy watching it and might even take some nice ideas what to visit in Korea or abroad and how to spend the date with your significant other.

This time we have visited Chuncheon, where we took a fairylate-like Rail Bike Ride and enjoyed the nature of rural Korea. Even though during the time of our trip it was still little bit cold, I am pretty sure it is getting nicer as weather is getting better as well. ^^

It is not a train and it is also not a bike, it is a bike which rides on the railway! There are bikes which accommodate 2 students and bikes which accommodate 4 people. Actually, if you’re having a date, it is great to take the two person bike and enjoy active date.
Even though it has pedals, it is not had to pedal is, so you won’t get tired.

In the ride, you will pass 3 different tunnels, which are all different and filled with music and beautiful lights, that will make you want more.

During our ride we have enjoyed beautiful Korean nature and breathed fresh air. We hope you could enjoy it with us and if you like it, visit Chuncheon in the future as well!

Kim Yujeong station is good not only for the Rail Bike experience, but also if you want to take amazing pictures at the final stop. You can see river, mountains and the artsy area, which will leave you wanting more.There is also an old-school cafe inside of the train, where you can take a rest after the ride and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a tasty smoothie.

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