We are on a weekly radio show on TBS Efm now! It’s called Global Family and is on Koreascape. It’s not only us but the host Kurt and another international couple Emil and Yumin. They are a Danish/Korean couple, so it’s always interesting comparing cultural differences.
This is our earliest start to the day during the week. Usually we make our own schedules and tend to be night owls, so it can be hard being awake enough to do radio in the morning! But we enjoy it. We’ve done lots of radio interviews before and have found that we get asked the same questions over and over. What’s great about this show is that we can delve deeper into topics because it’s ongoing and every week.

We may reveal a lot more on this show than we usually do! But it’s great to be able to talk about more issues and other things in our lives. To be honest we get quite sick of answering the same questions for articles or radio interviews usually. We are very happy to be part of this new show and be given the chance to answer questions we don’t often get asked. There are a lot of misconceptions about intercultural couples so we try to talk honestly and explain what it’s really like. If you are in Korea you can just tune in, but if you aren’t there are apps for listening to it and also it is uploaded as a podcast later. Please subscribe to us on YouTube as well as in many videos we delve deeper into certain topics as well