Hello, Hallo and 안녕하세요!
It’s a new week and that means that it is time for a new korea vlog!
This time I went to different cafes, most of them are located in Hongdae, Seoul.
So you are going to see a lot of hip places and how Hongdae streets look in general.

The first cafe is called Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune (라쿤카페 꾸꾸네)
and it’s basically a cafe full of raccons! They are super cute but to be honest it wasn’t a really animal friendly place.

The second cafe was a very hip and cool one called Anthracite (카페 앤트러사이트). It has a very modern, unique atmosphere. I never saw such a cafe before in Korea. The food was good,too but a bit expensive as well…but still loved the place because of its atmospehere and vibes!

The third cafe was a Cat cafe named Table A (고양이카페 테이블A)
and it had the cutest cats. They went crazy after cat snacks. You’ll see how much the loved it when you watch the video!

I also found some aesthetic shops in Hongdae and of course I ate
again a lot of food during my short visit to Hongade and Sangsu 😀

You’ll find the specific address for each place at my info box on youtube.
Comment me if you have any questions. 🙂

All my videos are in German but I have English and Korean subs as well 🙂
You can find me under @annyeounghanna on Instagram where you can find more about korean beauty aka k-beauty, korean food and korea in general.

See ya!