Guess who got to go on another trip with youtubers?!?! That’s right. I got to meet up with a lot of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while in a wonderful place. This trip, we all got to go back to Gangwondo where the olympics are being held. Last time we were here, we got to actually see the ski jump and go around the places that the games will take place. This time, we decided to take the more artistic route.

We got to go to 2 wonderful places. The first one was this beautiful beach that had a bunch of wooden artwork all over it. I was told that towards the end of the olympics that they actually plan to burn them all. If I could go back when that happens I would love to because it just sounds so wonderful to see them all along the beaches. While we were there we actually got to write our wishes down and tie them up to one of the art pieces. I didn’t see a lot there at first but I feel like towards the end of the celebration, there will be a lot of them there. Because we decided to do the wish paper, we weren’t able to see the rest of the beach so if you are here and have time, check it out!

After we got some lunch, we moved on to the festival that had a lot of tents selling all sorts of things. While walking through the tents, you were able to listen to some modern and more traditional music that was being played on stage. They were also doing a lot of performances on stage too but I missed most of them to see a play that was happening inside. I have to say, that place was the most beautiful play I have ever seen. The stage was so unique and there was even water flowing. The actors and actresses did such an amazing job of keeping in character. There movements were like art. I just fell in love with this play.

These are the main points to the video, but go ahead and watch to see more details! Thanks for watching