And I am back with another vlog and once again I went to Gangneung (강릉) to attend the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympic Event (평창 문화 올림픽). After shooting a KBS documentary with Christian Burgos I bumped into another fella from the TV Show Non-Summit (비정상회담), Lucky Abhishek Gupta, who represents India. I didn’t know him, so I thought he is just a fellow Youtuber making a Youtube Video about the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympic Event but he was also shooting a documentary with KBS here, so I interrupted their shoot. But Lucky reacted very kindly and gave me the perfect intro for my latest vlog 😀 So thank you for that!

Before we went to the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympic Event, we went to Gyeongpo Beach (경포해변) to enjoy some beach again. But it was way too cold to stay there longer, so we went back to the bus and went to eat Dakgalbi all together. After enjoying Dakgalbi, we went to Pyeongchang and I could hang out once again with my fellow Youtube friends (like Alex, Paul, Gina, Hugh, etc), where we were shooting some footage for Arirang TV. Perhaps you’ll see me on some other channels as well because the Korean media was really interested in the attending foreigners there 🙂

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I really hope you enjoyed my little vlog about the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympic Event (평창 문화 올림픽)! Big shout out and thank you to K-Beats, SBA and Youtubers in Korea, which made this trip happen!

cheers Mika

P.S: If you missed my vlog about the KBS documentary with Christian Burgos in Pyeongchang, please watch it as well 🙂