What up YouTube?!?! Garren your YouTube vlogger here in Korea!
Today’s adventure? IKEA!!! We took the long bus ride to Gwangmyeong (about 1.5 hours!) It was quite convenient considering the bus ride stops right in front of where we live. We enjoyed the Ikea and Lotte Outlet near there. So we started off with eating at the Lotte Outlet (because the Ikea food didn’t look that great :P) We ate at a place called “American Food” or “미쿡 식당” They said that they called it “미쿡”(Mikook = the wrong way) and not “미국” (Migook = the correct way) was because the Americans didn’t know how to pronounce 미국 = Migook so they just said 미쿡 = Mikook. Anyways, the food was great. At first I was skeptical, but after eating the barbecue chicken and mac and cheese, I was hooked. My wife made a good point saying that she enjoys barbecue chicken because there isn’t any in Korea. I didn’t realize it until I ate it and said “Wow, I haven’t had this in a long time!” The food was quite authentic and awesome. Then after we ate, we went into Ikea to look around. Didn’t buy anything because it probably would be kind of hard to carry back home so we just window shopped. I got bored and started to do some Ikea Puns. Some were funny and some not, but I just had a good time and after we ate some dessert at Ikea. I didn’t realize that they sold so many different kinds of food in Ikea. That place is such a huge place. Don’t know if I want to go back. But it was a fun experience!