As many of you guys know, I might be born in Austria and been raised there, but my whole family is originally from Poland, so of course, if I get a chance to meet Polish people (and even eat Polish food), I am really up for it. For my latest Youtube video I met the Polish / Norwegian Youtuber Danibokki and we went to eat some Traditional Polish steet food (called Zapiekanka) in Jongno-gu, called Long Sausage in the Hole! There we met Przemysław Krompiec (프셰므스와브 크롬피에츠), which most of you will know from the popular TV Show Non-Summit (비정상회담) on JTBC. Miseon & Tomek, the owner of the Long Sausage in the Hole, where really kind hosts and served us really super duper delicious Zapiekanki!

Of course we couldn’t resist to drink some beer as well. Polish street food like Zapiekanka goes really well with beer, so of course we had 1 or 2 😀 I also tried really hard to convince Korean people to try out the delicious Polish food. And yes, we were successful! At the end we spend the whole afternoon there and we really had a nice time. It was really great to meet Danibokki, Przemysław Krompiec, Miseon and Tomek!

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