Once a year the Polish Embassy in Seoul is organizing the Polish Day 2018 located at the Cheonggye Plaza in Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is a Polish Culture Festival and everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy various programs related to the Polish culture. Since Mikas whole family is from Poland, he was of course very excited to go to the Festival, especially to enjoy some Polish food. At the Polish Day 2018 Thomasz and his lovely wife Misong prepared a lot of delicious Polish dishes like Pierogie, Bigos and Gołąbki. Of course we ordered all of them and Mika was really enjoying it a lot! For me it is just Polish food but for him this is home food. After we enjoyed the Polish food, we went for a little walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and decided to go to a cafe, to enjoy some dessert with coffee. We really had a nice date and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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P.S: Not long ago, Mika also went to Tomeks place, called Long Sausage in the Hole, to eat some Zapiekanki! There he met Przemysław Krompiec (프셰므스와브 크롬피에츠), which most of you will know from the popular TV Show Non-Summit (비정상회담). It is really a funny vlog, if you didn’t see it eat, please watch it! 😀