South Korea is one of the most fashionable countries in the world, where what’s in style is changing every season!

Here everyone, regardless their age or gender are more or less interested in fashion and are following the trends. Yet, there is one small problem – fashionwise Korea is not really accommodating to those, who do not fit into the standard “Free size” (XS, S and sometimes M) clothes since most of the best fashion pieces come only in one size.

Yet, even though the mainstream media is still all about that, Korean society is rapidly changing. Western diet, the change of habits and lifestyle in the country have changed the way the average Korean person looks. There are significantly more plus size people than it was 10 or even 5 years back. Yet, the media is still really strict about how a “beautiful person” needs to look like and those kind of standards are stressing out numbers of people.

I have been a chubby child as long as I remember myself and even though I have been always struggling with my weight and looks I am slowly learning to love myself and being in Korea definitely helps a lot. Even though I am still considered ‘plus size’ here, I feel like Koreans are more accepting towards foreigners ^^

Last month I have participated in a Plus Size Model contest, organized by an online shopping mall, famous for their plus size apparel. They held this contest with the intention to find a new model for their plus size line.

Originally more than 200 people applied for this position, but only 15 of us made it to the final round! Even though I did not win the contest, I think being there and participating in a fashion show is an achievement itself!

If you are interested in how it turned out, make sure to check out my Vlog and let me know what you think about it!