What’s up guys? Hope you are all having a great week. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales came out a few weeks ago and I finally finished my review for it. I meant to have this up much earlier but a few other projects go in the way. But now it is done…

I was such a huge fan of the first Pirates film but have been more and more disappointed as the newer ones came out. This film was no exception. It seems to be the same story retold in a slightly different way with a few new characters added.

However, they don’t really dive into some of the characters which is a shame because some of them could have been very interesting. Another thing too, it seems they didn’t care too much for the story as they just wanted to find ways to get all the characters together. One character for example was Carina Smyth whom they claim to be a witch. However, one of the royal captains actually talks to a witch in the film and would know for a fact that Carina wasn’t a witch. The only reason they give for thinking she is a witch is because she is smart.

This kind of stuff happens throughout the film and wasn’t too fun to watch. I was bored from pretty much the beginning till the end. Even with all the action sequences.

It’s a shame it wasn’t a good movie as I love adventure films.

Have you watched it? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from someone who liked it.