This week, instead of having a Vlog or relationship advice video posted, we have decided tk show off the biggest Gyu’s passion – Photography and Videography!
He have beeb actively doing that even before starting Youtube, so we thought it might be both, useful and interesting for some people. 🙂

Gyu have been offering personal photoshoot services for a while now. At first he was focusing on photography as well as most other photographers in Seoul and around the world, but recently he generated some new ideas and started promoting his “Personal memory” service.

In contrast to to other photographers in Seoul Gyu cares about his every single client. Instead of just taking some beautiful shots and sending brushed pictures to his clients the next day, Gyu takes his time to discuss about the concept and scenarios of the videos with each of his clients and fullfills their ideas even if it takes much more time and effort than planned.

Some shootings can last a full day or even longer, depending on where his clients want to go. Once, he was fillmong 3 full weekends, because a client wanted to go to many different places and shoot with different lighting.

Therefore, he can do this only on weekends, because of the regular job. Photography is his passion and taking videos is soemthing new he has just launched recently.

Even though pur channel is mainly focused on you personal story and relationship advice (his another passion), we decided to post up few of his clients memories. We posted up only those who agreed on sharing this. If you’re interested in this service you can contact him anytime on his YouTube profile or Instagram (@photo_dain) 🙂

Some more promo videos are already posted on our channel.