I make photography videos around Korea, previously used to be a food and travel blogger but as you can imagine after 8 years living here things can get a bit repetitive. As a result, I’ve been documenting the streets of Seoul via photography as well as short video clips and tutorials. This time around I shot around Chungmuro station. Rainy days are my favorite time to be out, it also cleans up the area but perfect for neon noir photography. My friend Mei helped me out, she’s a model here in Korea. I also make Korean landscape videos but I prefer to focus on night street photography. In my opinion, night time is the best time to go around exploring Seoul. Daytime is kind of boring, just a little. Anyways. we shot for a few hours in the rain, I decided to use my camera phone instead of a bulky DSLR. My plan is to shoot exclusively using my mobile phone until March 20, 2020. Once that is done, I will look back and go over all my favorite images during this time period. I do have some goals, and that is to get more photographers and film makers to visit Seoul, South Korea. Once we finished the photoshoot around Chungmuro we took a cab to Yeundeungpo station. It is a really nice run down area with tons of neon lights, making it perfect for my style of photography. Actually I do not shoot out during winter much but it was so rare to get rain that I decided that I should go out for a photo shoot anyways. Next time my video will be about rainy photography in Yeundeungpo.