Oh man… this was hands down the most terrifying experience in my life… It started out as a gorgeous trip to Phi Phi Islands. We bought the tour package at the airport, and we knew it might rain so we asked the woman if it was safe. She told us it was no problem and that they would cancel if it was expected to be too severe… Anyways we decided to go and at first it was amazing! Then around noon it started to rain really hard with strong winds. We expected the tour guide to wait until it calmed down, but he told us to go on the boat. We went on the boat, but the weather was too extreme. The boat was filling up and the waves were too large. People were falling out of their seats and even I could barely hold on. We didn’t have life jackets… and my husband can’t swim. I am not lying when I say that I was so terrified. The passengers started to fight with the captain and people were screaming and crying. I started to shake uncontrollably and was hyperventalating. Jay did a good job of trying to calm me down, despite internally panicing himself (he can’t even swim…). Anyways after a borderline full out fight between some passengers and the captain we were brought to Kon Phi Phi Don. However, we were told we have to get accomodation ourselves, and that the company would send a bigger boat the next day. We didn’t have much money so we managed to find a very very sketchy room for $20 (we were brought there by a guy with a machete). Luckily, the room had weak wifi and we were able to contact my mom, who was awake due to jetlag from her trip to Korea. She contacted expedia and got us a room in a better location (aka near civilization). There was another couple in the room nextdoor from our boat and we said goodbye to them. They told us they would see us at the boat tomorrow at 2:30, but they never showed up (still have no idea what happened to them?). We found a western union on the island later on (but ohhh god was that ever dramatic too…) and we were able to buy some food and enjoy our time on the island. All in all it turned out amazing… but that boat ride was the most horrific experience… and I still can’t ride a boat without panic… The rest of the video is our time back in Phuket! We decided to check out a real spa (it was amazing) and we hungout at Patong beach. This was an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon, and I hope you enjoyed watching the adventure.