I am final finished with midterms and back to show you guys what I have been up to. I recently went to the convention center here in Gwangju. The reason I finally decided to stop being lazy and actually go was because it wasn’t just your average convention. This was a pet show convention. They had booths and booth lined up with goodies for all types of animals. I couldn’t miss this. I needed to buy more things for you two fur babies.

When we got there, we knew we were in the right place because there was dogs as far as the eye could see. I am not joking about that either. People were even bringing their dogs across the street to the park for pee breaks. It was truly what I feel like my own personal heaven would be like.

I will say it was a bit crowded with all the people and the animals walking about but the booths made it worth it. They had all sorts of items from toys, to clothes, to even towels that yes, I did buy for my dog. Thankfully they even had a both set up for the type of food I feed my cat and dog eat a discounted price…. so yes I bought that too. I will say that they really worked hard to make items that were more catered to small dogs but I was able to find clothes for my big dog there. Not as many options but still very cute.

If you guys are in Korea and see a sign for a convetion that seems to spark your interest, I would reccemond going. Its fun to see all the stuff and people who have the same interest as you. Plus you can get great deals on items that aren’t as common in a normal store.

Thanks so much for watching guys~