Petite France is a French-style theme park just outside Seoul, South Korea. it was constructed in July 2008 in Gyeonggi Province and now serves as both a French cultural village and a youth training facility. This village consists of 16 French-style buildings, which are either galleries, restaurants, culture experience places and even guest houses!

The concept of Petite France includes ‘flowers, stars, and the Little Prince’ together. Even though it is not completely french, but more like a Korean vision of what a french village should look like, it is a really beautiful place to visit.

In addition to being the French-style theme park, it also serves as a filming location for many popular Korean dramas, such as ‘Beethoven Virus’, ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘My Love from the Stars’. So of you are looking for some cool Korean drama filming locations, this place is perfect for you. There are few areas specifically dedicated to those dramas and you can even take a picture, where you would look like you are wearing the infamous Kim Joo-Wons (potrayed by Hyun Bin) tracksuit. We did not do this, but if you are a fan, there is nothing to stop you from that. 🙂

Me and Gyu have visited Petite France on this Christmas weekend, when they had a special winter program and tons of Christmas lights, which create magical atmosphere once the sun is down!

There are two types of people – ones who love Petite France, and ones who hate it. I would belong to a group one, because it is not just a perfect place to go on a date and take tons of beautiful pictures, but also an oasis, where you can learn more about french culture.

Come on this adventure with us, and check out our Vlog!

Gyu and Agata