Hey Everyone,
My name is Neicy!
In this video I provide 5 Tips for Overcoming YouTube Challenges.
I usually produce Korea based content but about two weeks ago I was feeling really unmotivated. This was literally my lowest point since starting my channel. I was feeling down about my decline in views after having a consistent pattern of popular videos. I decided to put out a video to help others who may be feeling the way I was.
The tips in this video can also be applied to challenges people may face outside of YouTube as well. Maybe you are having trouble with a new language, having issues staying focused in school or maybe you feel like you haven’t been giving your all at work! At least one of these tips may help alleviate the stress!
We all have those moments when we try to push ourselves when mentally we are too drained, TAKE A BREAK. Sometimes we may get into the awful pattern of comparing ourselves to others, when we should just be focusing on growing as individuals. In regards to YouTube most of us are guilty of allowing our views and subscriber count to make us feel like we aren’t doing enough.
Our support systems are also essential to keeping us on track, also we all need to keep in mind why we started doing what we’re doing. Remember to stay motivated and don’t let the idea of possible YouTube stardom overshadow the reason(s) you decided to start your channel.