One of the hardest aspects of language learning is speaking. Most people tend to feel shy or even scared to speak to native speakers. However, the point of language learning is for communication and we can’t improve our speaking without actually speaking. While it is necessary, it’s also easier said than done. So how can you overcome shyness when language learning? In this video, I talk about ways to change your mindset to be able start making progress towards overcoming shyness. After that, I also share 5 tips for overcoming shyness when language learning. The things I talk about in this video are all based on my experiences. Of course there are other ways outside of what I have said in this video so feel free to try out other methods as well. If you have experienced good results with other methods, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I am always happy to learn about different ways to learn languages.

Currently, I am learning how to use adobe premiere so my videos are taking much longer to make but I feel like the quality is a lot better. I’ve also started decorating the wall behind me where I record my videos. I’m hoping it’s visible enough in the video. I will be decorating it more as I collect more art as well. I’m just a little worried that the camera is too far from the wall to actually see what’s on there. As always, I will continue to experiment and hopefully improve in the future ^^