I recently had the chance to not only be featured on TBS Radio’s Line 6 show, but also (unexpectedly) co-host the whole segment with Alex Sigrist. What was supposed to be a 30 minute segment turned into me and Alex working our improv magic to create a whole show from scratch because of a music database crash. So, being the young and creative professionals we are, we created the show on the spot and I think it’s fair to say we had a blast.

In this particular show, we focus our conversation around “being thrown in the fire” and being put on the spot. As we were literally practicing what our topic of discussion was about, we ventured into some of our experiences in our younger years being thrown out into the deep and scary waters but figuring out how to swim.

I share with Alex an experience that I had as a young adult being part of a large church music team where we well known for our quality of music. The musicians were professionals (with the exception of young Cedric who ended up on the team) and we had high expectations as a team to uphold a certain level of musicianship. I share how the music director (who was well-known and excellent at leading the band during services) gave me two day notice to not only lead the band as the music director for the next service, but to also lead from his instrument, which was the bass guitar. Mind you, I didn’t play bass…until that day.

Check out the video for the rest of the story!