So I was recently in Seoul to visit my friend Sara who I haven’t seen since October and we decided to spend a day going to different cafes. Of coarse I wouldn’t upload it in the order that we went to the cafes because that’s too easy. We start off with the last cafe that we visited which was the One Piece Cafe with is located in Hongdae. If you would like to know how to get there, check out the link on my youtube channel
I thought that it was very cute and a very unique cafe. I can’t appreciate it as much as Sara did because I have never really watched the show myself. Everything was very well themed and they even had figurines and pictures all over the walls in the second floor. Unfortunately the line was very very long and it took forever to actually get into the cafe but it was worth the wait. These even have outside seats that are right at the front of the boat.
The only thing I didn’t like but completely understand was the fact that we couldn’t record in the gift shop. They had so much stuff to buy there and some of the items weren’t that bad of a price if you just want to pick something little up to remember your time there. It is very small though so it’s hard to get around inside.
Anyways we had a great time and I hope you enjoy this video and the many more to come from my trip in Seoul. Thanks for watching~~