This is my story on being half-Korean and half-Black. In this video, I share my blasian mixed race experience, starting from my incredible parents who fell in love during a time where interracial couples were not embraced and even looked down upon in most contexts.

My African-American father was born in North Carolina in the mid-1940s during a time of racial segregation and discrimination. Despite the challenges he faced growing up, he decided to join the US military, which allowed him to travel to different countries and experience the beautiful cultures throughout the world. My Korean mother was born in Seoul, South Korea in the early 1950s, during the Korean war. Having lived in Korea during a time of destruction, poverty, and ruin, she later decided to move to the United States in 1980 with her family. It was in the United States that my parents met during this time, dated for a several years, and eventually got married.

This is where my story begins. I grew up with strong cultural influences from both of my parents. I have faced many different external and internal challenges as a mixed kid growing up. But those challenges do not compare to the tremendous worth of having two cultural backgrounds that make up who I am. I love being mixed with Korean & Black and I’m extremely proud of my cultural heritage. I’m also thankful that my parents went against the cultural norms of their time, followed their hearts, and became an example to international couples everywhere!

I hope that this video will shed more light on how awesome it is to be mixed and I hope that it also encourages more international relationships!