This is the second video of our new series where we go through the numerous foods on our Korean food poster one by one until we have eaten them all. I randomly pick a food out of a bag without looking, and I must eat that food. In this episode, we try 옛날통닭 or old style Korean fried chicken.

I was really looking forward to this as I hadn’t really tried a real one before and I was also happy I didn’t choose a terrible food. Hyo was looking forward to it because it meant that I had to eat the pickled radish that usually comes with Korean fried chicken. I hate it and we played a little game to determine how many I would eat.

The video actually ended up being very long, and we had to cut out some parts that we wanted to keep, but couldn’t. We may put them and some bloopers in another video in the future.

Also, our dog 우유 makes an appearance at the end.

I really enjoyed eating this dish and will definitely find some more places that sell it so we can compare. It seems really hard to find though.

Looking forward to trying our next dish next week and we will be trying a few Korean snacks and drinks during the week if possible.

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