Hey everyone!! So here’s a vlog where I show you some fun things to do in the Hyehwa’s neighborhood while celebrating my birthday. Seoul has so many things to offer both tourist and local activities. One thing that is quite popular in Korea is renting hanboks and exploring the beautiful Gyeongbokgung place, but what if you want to try something else? In Hyehwa there is actually a place where you can rent a 1980’s old style Korean School uniform for an hour. Believe it or not, it’s only 5,000 won to rent for one hour. That’s a pretty good deal. While you are renting your uniform you can explore the beautiful art village while feeling like you traveled back in time.
Even though, I don’t really explore Hyehwa’s neighborhood too often, there are many things to check out in that area from renting a school uniform to making your own cake or cupcake at a decorating cafe. Hyehwa has a lot of popular restaurants and cafés especially among Korean bloggers. If you are not really into cafes, don’t worry there are many other things to do. Throughout the vlog I also take you on a quick trip to Apgujeong, which really has a complete different feel from Hyehwa, but it’s still great to explore. Plus you can easily take a bus from Hyehwa to Apgujeong. Check out my channel for more vlogs on other hot spots around Seoul and Suwon, as well as K-beauty and fashion content. Also my instagram is @diversehope 🙂