Do you like Kpop? Well, as a way to share my love of Korea with the rest of the world, I do monthly giveaways of things from Korea or that are popular. Lately it has all been Kpop related items. I have done giveaways for BTS jackets, albums, and calendars. I have given away EXO backpacks, iKon cd’s and many other group items. This month it is something new, but not new to people. I am giving away 2 kpop wall scrolls. To enter this giveaway is quite simple. You just have to be subscribed to my channel, watch the video all the way through and listen for what you need to leave in the comments, and then you leave that comment before midnight on November 30th Korean Standard Time. Either than night or a day or two later I will do a live drawing of the winners. There is also the possibility of a third prize each month. For every 100 subscribers I have been adding another giveaway. I’m quite close to hitting 700, so if that happens during the giveaway period then it will be posted this month. I am not saying what that prize is going to be because it is a surprise, but it is something my followers have been asking about. YES! This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway! I have sent prizes across the globe to places I have never even heard of! What a wonderful way to get a piece of Korea to the world!! This is what I love to do~ I hope that you too will be subscribing and joining the giveaways each month. Why not? It’s free to enter and free to win.