Hello everyone! I got a great opportunity to go on a free trip to Gangwondo! This is the second part of that trip, and in my opinion the better half because we visited my favorite city in Korea! First we took a cable car up into the northern mountains. The view was amazing (despite my fear of heights!). The cable car trip was very long, it felt more like being on an amusement park ride, but it was very beautiful. I would love to visit again on a snowy day or when the leaves are all changing color! After, we invented a strange dance to help keep us warm, because it was SUPER COLD (even for my Canadian self). Then we got back on the bus and headed to…. GANGNEUNG!!! My current favorite city in Korea. We visited a famous market and went to the beach! I got to taste A LOT of delicious food, to the point that this video is borderline a mukbang haha. The beach we went to was the coffee street one, where we visited one of the popular cafes and enjoyed drinks and a croissant ! The quality did NOT disappoint.

I hope you enjoy this video and if you are interested in Korean vlogs, travel, food, and exploring then please visit my channel! I upload twice a week, or once at minimum! I hope to show people many cool things that they can experience in Korea and help share what makes me love living here so much!