Finally, i am back! I know, it took a while, around 9 months to shoot another video, so i am really sorry for that. But i am happy that i am restarting my youtube channel again. So if you didn’t subcribe to my Youtube Channel yet, it is the perfect time to do so 😉 In this video i am shortly talking about a few things, that happened in the last 9 months, like my wedding with my Korean wife Sujin and also our honeymoon in Guam. Also i shortly talk about my Visa troubles and also that i got sick few months ago. At the end i needed to take a surgery, which i did in the Asan hospital. But finally i am healthy again, so it is time for new vlogging adventures in South Korea.

I also changed the concept of my vlog, because from now on i want to make short vlogs and videos, around 60 seconds long. Personally i like „One Minute Videos“ or „60 second clips“ a lot, so i hope i can adapt this concept and also use it for my vlogs. Also if you want to join my vlogs, i am really up for collaborations with other Youtubers. Just hit me up on Social Media (you can find all the Links on

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Thx for watching and have a great day!
Cheers Mika