Moving to South Korea has always been a dream. And late February it came to fruition, when I was offered a teaching position in Goeje. Packing my belongings and shipping things to Korea was fustrating and overwhelming. Deciding which was more affordable or logical way to send my things, by water or by air, was tedious and expensive. I over packed my checked in laugauges By 12 pounds, the both of them. I couldn’t bear to leave my shoes, clothes (especially my tights and jeans), makeup, hats and sunglassesbehind. I ended up paying way more than I anticipated. Crying, hugging and kissing my family good bye was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’m from a very close knit family, so the pain was equivalent to getting your teeth pulled out. I flew 14hrs from the USA, across the globe to another continent, Asia. After landing at Busan airport, I realized that this was really real. I’m in a foreign country on my own and I only know a few words of Korean. I won’t be able to drive home or my best friends house if things get tough. I won’t be able to hop on the next plain to head home because I’ve depleted my savings and I still owe Sallie Mae. So that means I have to make this work. I have to make something out of myself, making everyone rooting for me and myself proud. My english speaking boss picked me up and dropped me off at my apartment. That’s when it really sunk in, this is it! You work hard and make your Dreams come true