Hello everybody!
Here it is! The first real video of GooseBumps! For our first adventure we decided to go to Namsan and walk all the way up. Lara wasn’t very happy about climbing all those steps to the top, but it was worth it, for sure.
We had so much fun and, of course, we couldn’t leave the place without trying some famous Donkatsu.
On our way up, Kenny lost count of the steps so that made him the loser of the game. We still haven’t decided what to do as a punishment, but we will have to think of something (or you guys can help and comment of ideas you might have for punishing him).
Either way, we had a blast while showing you a different way of going up to the famous Tower of Seoul.
If you too want to try this, we recommend you to do it at night during the summer, otherwise it will be way too hot to survive the climb. But beware of the mosquitoes! We found ourselves being eaten by little hungry bugs aaaaaaaall the time.
Also, there are so many stories about ghosts around this area, and Kenny was talking about it all the time while going down (he almost became a ghost himself, since I HATE ghost stories and almost killed him a couple times.
In any case, we hope you enjoy this video and subscribe for more adventures! Do not forget to like, and if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section, and we will try to make it happen