My first vegan festival Ever! OH MY GOD. Last Sunday I had the chance the participate in the 3rd vegan festival in Seoul, Korea.
Since it was my first vegan festival, I don’t even know where to begin in explaining how excited I was. I mean, having all the vegan food possibilities in one place, being able to eat without thinking twice “is that food contain dairy?”, “is that one contain meat?” – I felt so free, and SO happy.
I tried several dishes, and threw my diet out of the window, but, #noregrets. Seriously, So much yum; from vegan hotdogs to icecream and cookies. It was amazing to see all the vegan gathering at one place, and for one day enjoying all the food without any worries.
I also got to enjoy and get to know new local vegan businesses, such as SF Bagels, that sells pretty amazing vegan bagels, and littleghostco, that make the BEST nut butters I ever tried (almost ran out of the Cashew butter I bought, so much sadness).
After eating tons, I made a decision – to try the tarot readings booth. Worst decision ever. Wants to know why? Check my video. Ok, ok, I will give you a hint – It has something to do with. . . DEATH?!
To conclude it very simply; even if you are not vegan, you should definitely try and check a vegan festival, either in Korea or in your hometown. it’s an awesome experience and you get to try food you may not get to try on a regular basis. OH, and beware from random tarot readings. . .