It seems like just yesterday I was packing my entire life up in 4 suitcases and backpacks, getting ready to move half-way across the world to start my new journey here in Korea. I remember feeling super excited about finally making this move after many years of wanting to live here. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit nervous. But honestly, my nervousness was mainly due to leaving my family, especially my mother, back in the states.

I knew that because of the combination of my personality along with my Korean background, my transition would be a smooth one. And that it was. Though I faced some challenges in the past 6 months, (mainly due to language fluency when it came to, i don’t know, say setting up my bank account), everything was a smooth transition. I was able to adapt to the culture here, get around easily, and made some great friends.

I also mention in this video about my current job situation. I’m an English teacher through the EPIK program, but I don’t work at a public school. I work at a training institute that is ran but the public school systems and holds weekly English camps for public school students in Daejeon. With this position comes longer (more intense) work hours, which leaves me the challenging of having less time to devote to the YouTube channel outside of work hours. Regardless of this situation, I’m still devoted to bringing valuable content and will continue to grow this channel since it’s one of my priorities and passions here in Korea! I hope you enjoy my 6-month Korea update video!