Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently studying as an exchange student at Yonsei University in Seoul!

On September 13th, it was my 20th birthday and I decided to make a video out of it, as it was the first birthday I celebrated without my family in a foreign country. But even though my family wasn’t around to celebrate me, I am blessed with the best friends who made this birthday one of the most memorable and important ones in my life.

Me and my friend Miriam (who also has a YouTube channel, called Miriam Ben) started out the day with eating 미역국 (miyeokguk, Korean seaweed soup), which is a traditional birthday dish in Korea. Even though I have tried 미역국 a few times before, I felt like it was more special this time – I was actually in Korea, eating the traditional birthday dish on my actual birthday.

After that, we went to Hongdae to do some birthday shopping before our Korean language classes in the afternoon, and I finally found myself a pair of jeans that fits me! (I’m very tall so Korean sizes usually don’t fit my legs)

In the evening we had Korean BBQ with another friend as well, and after dinner we all went to the cinema to watch the horror movie 더 게스트 (Inside). It was very different than what we expected… Check out the video to see our reaction…

We continued celebrate my birthday the day after: My friends got me a cake, cooked me dinner and then we went out for drinks in Hapjeong and Hongdae! All in all: an amazing birthday!

YouTube Channel: Sarah N
Instagram: @xdebitumnaturae