I just recently returned from the Philippines, visiting Cebu and Manila for the first time. My best friend lives there; though Korean, she married into a filipino family and now they have become my second family as well. I have such an interest in the Philippines, and realized this trip that it’s so different from what the first look shows (well, as is the case with all countries). But especially as Korea and their exports (clothes? music? dramas?) are so popular in the Philippines, I thought that making the connection between these two countries would be perfect, especially as I’m already poised to begin! This is the first video of the many I’ll be shooting in the Philippines, as I’m expanding my channel to include introducing Korea to Philippines and vice versa. Here I’m bringing into my channel two of my friends from Cebu, singer duet and brothers John Walt and Axel. They are well known singers there, and we met while performing at a wedding for that friend I mentioned above, and since then we have admired each others’ talents 😉 Here is a medley we threw together literally that morning a few minutes before we filmed. It shows a good feel for how we jam. I’m sure you’ll recognize the songs we picked! Ukelele, sunshine, sudden tropic storm, Korea meets the Philippines! They’re coming to Korea in October, so expect another song cover then; if you have song requests, let me know! Because these guys can sing absolutely anything. That John Walt though; his voice is like melted caramel.