After spending a whole week in South Korea, we must day that it is impossible not to love this country. Its atmosphere, views, people, culture… Everything is just something that make us feel better every single day. We spent the first week in Dongdaemun, then three days in Busan and after coming back to the capital city of South Korea we moved to another district – we wanted to try living in a different place perfect for people in our age which is the Hongik University area.

Since we are interested in the Korean Wave – Hallyu, Korean music and culture, we decided to spend the rest of our trip in a K-POP Guesthouse. We got a room that made us very surprised! But the most important thing was a location – it was right next to Hongdae station and we could try the Korean nightlife.

We also visited the official LINE FRIENDS x BT21 store in Hongdae and we bought a lot of BT21 stuff there! BT21 products were something we were literally dreaming about since it had been released – the characters are so cute! We chose products related to our favorite BT21 characters but we must say that we would love to come back to the LINE FRIENDS x BT21 store and buy more! The quality is just amazing.

It was another crazy and kind of tiring day in Seoul but the evening was definitely the best thing that happened then. We went to Gangnam to attend the C-Festival and we saw MONSTA X perform live there! MONSTA X is one of our favorite K-POP groups and seeing them live from such a close distance was incredible. We love them even more now!

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