Because as much as we love Korea, there are still things we miss. Payton recently went back to the US and suddenly became a hoarder with all the things she decided to bring back. For those of us here, I think we an all relate to having weird cravings for things that you never really ate or wanted back home. It’s got some lady items (so disclaimer to the guys out there watching the video) but definitely a lot of snacks were also involved, the big keyword here is white cheddar. Also there are the alternative items that while you can find readily available in Korea they just aren’t exactly what you need or are used to back home. Some examples include toothpaste, shoes in your size because 250 and under just don’t cut it for a lot of people, and clinical strength deodorant because apparently some of us sweat like monsters and would like to hide that fact from as many people as possible. Also for people who are looking to move to Korea hopefully it gives them some spark or some inspiration during their packing endeavors to think about bringing some things they might have not thought about bringing otherwise. This video is basically a pick unpacking or video of her suitcase but hopefully you guys can relate and give it some love. Would love to know in the comments if you guys would bring back any of the things shown in the video or what items we might have missed. Thanks in advance!