Hello everyone! I feel like it has been awhile since I have posted anything. But I’m back and will hopefully keep the momentum going. This past week at Arirang’s I Culture U, we talked about movie theaters. Some of you will certainly know that I am a huge fan of watching movies at the theaters and really enjoyed this topic.

We talked about the different prices of going to theaters and I was quite shocked how some countries have theater tickets at 5 dollars or so. In America, the cheapest is around 8 or 9 dollars.

We also asked the question, “When you watch a movie, do you have to have popcorn or a snack or do you think having a snack while watching a movie is too distracting?” I actually don’t really get snacks when watching movies and when I do, I typically eat them before the movie even starts. Haha

We went into some of the differences in theaters here in Korea as well as in our own countries. One thing I have noticed is that many Koreans don’t actually sit through all of the credits like a lot of people do in the United States. Our host, Jae-Min said it could be because they aren’t translated and Koreans wouldn’t be able to read all of the names if they tried since English isn’t their native language.

I’d love to know about theaters from your countries. Let me know how much tickets cost and what kind of snacks do they offer. Thanks for watching!