I’m finally going bare face and sharing with everyone my KBeauty Morning skincare routine here at https://youtu.be/t9a1-uX0ANQ. Just a disclaimer, I’m no beauty expert or dermatologist-i wish I was lol but sadly huhu no. I just tested and used this products that responded perfectly to my skin so yeah I hope you guys are okay with that 🙂 I started using KBeauty products ever since I followed Joan Kim, this KBeauty blogger that I religiously follow. Lol. I’ve recently been more obsessed with taking care of my skin and what better products to use than the Korean beauty products. I truly believe that the Koreans create some of the best beauty products that would help any type of skin. Ever since I started buying and trying out KBeauty products, my skin got even better, smoother and fresher. Now I’m an advocate for KBeauty and I’d love for everyone to hear my side on how I see KBeauty. So the KBeauty products that I currently love are COSRX, Huxley, Pyunkangyul and Innisfree. I love shopping my KBeauty products at Stylekorean.com so if you guys have the time to shop, go shop at stylekorean. Customer service is quite quick as well and they respond to some of my concerns as soon as possible. Plus they give free samples and stickers which are sooo thoughtful and so nice of them. Plus if you mention them in Instagram or something, they at least take the time to send a heart to you. Wish they’d comment back though but a heart will still do. Hahaha. Although some of the brands aren’t in my morning routine but on my nighttime. I’ve also adapted the 10-step Korean routine but I reduced the step to at most 6 or 7 when it comes to my morning routine. At night, it usually reaches the 10th step. Lol. Taking care of your skin is so important and crucial if you’d want to look younger and fresher as you grow older and not to mention, not only will your skin look younger and smoother, you’ll feel younger and happier. I hope some of the people that watches my video would take on the interest of checking the products and try them out themselves.