In this video Carson and Ida answer questions they received through an instagram live chat about their jobs as models and actors in Korea. In the beginning they address some commonly asked questions about visa and how to receive it and then move on to talk about their individual areas of the entertainment business.

Since Ida is mainly a model she answered some questions regarding height and skin colour for models that seemed to be a big concern for many, and they both talked about the issue with plus size modelling in Korea and why you might have a hard time working with that here.

They then moved on to talk about acting and Carson broke down the three main ways of auditioning for a movie, drama or music video. She also talked about her personal experiences with auditioning for dramas and what it was like acting with Ji Chang Wook in the drama The K2 (and what it was like kissing him).

A lot of people were wondering what they usually do after finishing a job, and they continued on discussing how, despite your efforts, you could easily get cut from the final product. That happened to the both of them after spending months working on a drama last year, going as far as risking their life for it, only to not appear in the actual show.

In the last section they do a quick recap of what you need in order to work as an entertainer in Korea followed by some tips on how to get started.

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