In this video I visitied the Michelin rated Bib Gourmand OGEUNNAE Dakgalbi 미쉐린 가이드 빕 구르망 서울 오근내 닭갈비. I continuing my food tours and mukbang videos on this channel. The bib gourmand is a cheaper version of the Michelin starred restaurants with cost and quality being excellent. This place is located near Yongsan Station and is a 15 minute walk. The area is a bit under developed but its worth the trip. The place uses locally source chickens, which you can taste in the quality. The mixture of fresh vegetables and chicken make this worthy of a video. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I sat down and ordered. The dakgalbi takes about 10 minutes to cook under and the smell will make you anticipate the flavors. Once the food was cooked, eating began. The flavors of fresh chicken mixed with the crunch of the steamed cabbage and lettuce made this worth the experience. I believe the chicken was coated with a mild dusting of cumin and sweet, but not spicy, sauce. The sidedishes were ok, but youre really only going for the dakgalbi. When I was finished, I ordered some fried rice, which is usually my nightcap, but the friend rice was just ok. Overall, I can firmly recommend this place to my friends on a excellent dakgalbi place to visit. I recommend avoiding the busy hours since, not only will certainly be busy, but you will be forced to wait in a long line. In the video I arrived at opening time (11:30am), and in the span of one hour, the place started to become crowded. Shoutout to Mika in Korea, cause Im a hack and stole his style of thumbnails