Recently, the Michelin Guide has released two guides for Michelin rated restaurants in Seoul, South Korea. One is for the star rated restaurants (the fancy ones) and the bib gourmand (a cheaper version). For this video review, I went to a bib gourmand Taiwanese restaurant that served a beef noodle soup. There has been much speculation on whether the Michelin Guide has been bribed into “favoring” certain restaurants and I have been unhappy with the cost vs valve ratio of the Michelin star rated restaurants I have visited. I have continued my research into the bib gourmand ratings due to their criteria rating of the meal being under 35,000 won and “delicious”. The Taiwanese restaurant in located on the outskirts of Itaewon off of a main road. The beef soup came out within a reasonable time and was well presented. The beef strips are thinly sliced muscle cuts with little to no fat. The broth was hard to describe but has a strong beef flavor with a splash of pepper oil and, I believe, soy sauce. The noodles did not have a strong carb taste to them but were incredibly soft in texture. I later ordered the wontons, which were fried with a very pleasant texture of crispiness and no leftover oil on the surface. The insides contained a fishy flavor with a spam like texture. The dipping sauce was needed to further express this dish, as eating the wontons alone would have made them dry and unable to express their flavor. When I was finished, paying and exiting was painless. The environment was small and the table space was personal since the placement was very close together. Overall, I am still hesitant to give a final rating because I am not experience with Taiwanese cuisine. How am I suppose to explain why I can or cannot recommend this if I cannot explain why the reasoning behind my logic. And for this reason alone is why I make these video reviews. So you, the viewer, can be more informed and can make a conscious decision on whether you would want to visit these restaurants. I have, so far, enjoyed the bib gourmand restaurants I have visited and will visit a couple more. I believe these are a better valve compared to the star rated restaurants and are within almost everyones price range. I hope you can watch this video and decide for yourself if this restaurant deserves the bib gourmand award and if you would want to try it yourself. As always, thanks for watching and until next time