Korea is widely known as one of the most stylish countries in the world, where fashion trends are changing every single season. People are living fast lives, but they don’t forget to dress well. Even though we are not fashion gurus, since we live in Seoul – Asia’s fashion capital, we are still trying to catch up with everyone else.

Rather than just following trends, we are more into trying to find our own styles. Last week we have introduced you to Plus Size Fashion lookbook for women, where I have shared some spring and summer outfit ideas for this year and this week we are back with Gyu’s fashion lookbook.

Men’s fashion is often being forgotten, but it is just as important as women’s fashion. Especially in Korea, where most the guys living in Seoul look as cool as those Kpop stars you are used to seeing on your computer screen. Gyu does not really follow Hallyu style, but this time he has tried to pull it off, with his own fashion sense.

The first outfit is something he would wear on daily, for going out, going to work or just meeting up with his friends and family. Addition of the sunglasses would make it funkier and more suitable for a sunny day. The second outfit is very suitable for a date with your significant other or a girl you like. It is casual, but stylish at the same time and hey, if the girls would get cold, you can always give her your sweater, right?

The third outfit was supposed to represent his photographer self. You should wear something casual if you are going to bring along your camera and all the lenses, right? Since this is Gyu’s fashion, he could not resist adding it. The fourth outfit it a military style jumpsuit, which requires you to be brave with your style and experiment a lot. Gyu was very excited about it, but got shy when we actually started shooting, this is why is it shorter than the others. For the last one, Gyu chose to wear a bright red suit, which makes him stand out. Going for a night out and want to impress everyone? Wear something bright.

What did you guys think about this lookbook? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for watching!