In the Book, “Why Men Love Bitches” Sherry Argov mentions that Men go for interesting and not for nice girls. To check her argument I went to Itaewon station in Seoul, South Korea to find if it’s true or not. I asked several men, from different countries if that’s true or not. To my surprise most of the men said that they do prefer interesting girls over nice girls.
I usually do street interviews but it was a rainy day in Korea on Saturday so we did inside the subway station. There were different people who were waiting for their friends or were waiting for the rain to stop.
The term interesting vs Nice seems a pretty broad terms. In the book interesting means more like a girl who is challenging and doesn’t agree with what the man has to say. On the other side nice girl is someone who is more submissive and willing to say “yes” to everything that a man has to say.
Since the writer is a westerner, and I wonder if it’s true with the Asian men. Most of the Asian men that I interviewed actually said that they do prefer a girl who is interesting but I wonder if it’s is true or not.
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