I have seen a lot of videos and blogs about this place and I just had to go! I love animal cafes in general but going to a meerkat cafe is one I never thought would even exist but I am so glad it does. Last time I went on a trip to Seoul, me and Sara decided to go to a lot of cafes but the big one we really wanted to visit was the meerkat cafe in Hongdae! I am so glad we did because it was soooo much fun. The best part? all you have to pay to get in is a drink fee. Granted the drinks are a bit more pricy than most cafes (coming out to about 9,000-10,000 won) but I think it is worth it to get to spend time with not only meerkats, but also different exotic animals that you might not get to see anywhere else in Korea.

The great part about these animals compared to other animals in cafes is the fact that they are all very friendly. Some cafes have animals who aren’t use to people coming in and out and get scared very easily but this cafe does a good job of giving all the animals a place to go for down time away from people. The animals health always comes first at this cafe which is nice to see.

The time in the meerkat play place is only 10 minutes because of the long line but thankfully they have a lot of other animals that you can play with as well once you are done your meerkat time. They even have very pretty looking cats as well. So I think that it is 100% worth a visit if you are in the Seoul area and can’t find anything to do.