Welcome to the channel, my name is Yevgen, I work as a fitness and live style model in Korea and in today’s post I gonna share with you my secret ideas on how to prepare leaning food fast for the whole day.

In Korea where I live for the last 6 years, people mostly eat outside in restaurants due to the rush lifestyle and often overworks. But, even though Korean food is generally much healthier than most of the other countries, especially the US or Europe where we used to eat a lot of bread and wheat products, the best way to count your daily calories is to cook food yourself at home. And yes, you need to take care of your calories if you want to see your 6 Pack anytime soon.

The main point is that cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult. I know for some of you cooking is an overwhelming task and you might have no idea where to start.
That’s totally OK.

I’m no all-star chef, but I’ve mastered a few quick, simple, and healthy meals that also support my lean, active lifestyle.

You’re about to learn an easy way to prepare 3 meals in 30-minutes. Yes, you heard that right – 30-minutes of focused time in the kitchen will give you 3 healthy meals that are high in protein and loaded with tasty vegetables.

You’re going to learn some things that might surprise you. For example, it’s OK to use fat. In fact, fat is healthy, and it tastes great. Both nuts and avocado (examples of fat) are excellent ways to make food delicious.

So what are you waiting for – open video and start your food preparation right a way!