Hey guys! Welcome back to this episode of TKT Tasty Korean Trends. McDonald’s Korea has done it again! This time with Double Chocolate Fries to feed that inner fat child in all of us. I’ve seen this before in Japan but they had pumpkin chocolate fries for Halloween. I’m sure it similar in flavor, just with a hint of pumpkin. Anyways, back to these fries. My friend Daniel and I ordered two different kinds of fries to try this with, the regular awesome fries and the lame waffle fries that are more like potato chips than fries. The Double Chocolate was one milk chocolate and white chocolate. The chocolate made the waffle fries better in my opinion. With the regular fries it was just what it was. Fries with chocolate. Sweet and salty using the potties fries as a vessel to put in your mouth. Overall it was good for what it was but I don’t think I would order it again. With the double chocolate fries we so ordered a limited time banana McFlurry! I don’t really care for the artificial banana flavor in things and this was just that. There weren’t any real bananas in the McFlurry but I wasn’t expecting it but it would’ve made it better. There were bits of chocolate cookies and a yellow powder type substance, I guess for the banana flavor. My friend Daniel enjoyed it, good thing too because he finished. I, however, won’t be getting that again. I’ll just stick to the Oreo McFlurry.