Finding authentic Mexican is difficult in Korea. Its hard scratching that itch when Taco Tuesday comes around. After a friend referral, I decided to try Masa Tacos in Sinsadong in Gangnamgu. All I was told was they served legit food. Traveling there though the rain and was able to film some b roll while to keeping my camera dry. Upon arriving, I got an American style feel to the restaurant. The owners are Korean American and I was able to snag one of them for a quick interview. After hearing his story, we talked about the obstacles of running a Mexican restaurant in Korea. The main points were its expensive, which also reflects on the prices at this restaurant. I began taking b roll while I waited for my food to be made. Overall, the verdict is awesome. It was nice eating some authentic style tacos in Korea. Afterwards I noticed a breakfast burrito and had to try it. Breakfast burritos are my thang in America. Words cannot describe the good feelings of that first bite into a well-made breakfast burrito. This burrito was more meaty than I was use to but overall I would eat it again. Now for the overall verdict, the walk to the restaurant is a little far from the nearest subway station and the prices are fairly high compared to a Korean meal. If you have never tried a Mexican style taco or burrito, I would try it. If you have and crave something different, I would also recommend it. But I wish for those taco truck prices.