Here is a recap of BBQ event in Itaewon. Manimal Smokehouse is an American style BBQ restaurant and is co-owned with Motorcity (Detroit Style pizza and wings) and Kiki Chanting (Chinese or Taiwanese style). Manimal put on a takeover event with an American Smoker named Nathan Pier. This one day pop-up event feature good vibes and great food. Invited by my friend Matt, I was excited to see what was in store for this event.

Here is a quote from the Manimal Facebook page: “Nathan Pier is the current Pit Master at Evie Mae in Wolfforth, Texas and he visited Manimal Smokehouse. In June 2017 Evie Mae’s was named the #9 barbecue restaurant in all of Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine and they have also won a number of local and regional awards. Nathan smoked high quality brisket (US Prime) and beef rib (Angus Certified Grade) for our customer and friends.”

My final review is: this was amazing. I still think about this meal once a week (no joke). The meal was tender and literally melted in your mouth. The meat was lush and tender and my tongue could cut through the meat with little effort. The mac and cheese was not my style, with the cheese melting together with the sausage to make an almost unedible glob. The mac and cheese underneath seemed soft and slightly undercooked with a soft creamy texture that did not compliment the rough and chewy cheese-glob top layer. But the meat was the star of the show and I can easily say this was the Manimal tribe’s best pop-up event by far. I hope Nathan comes back for this pop-up because I will sign-up in a heartbeat.